Micro HDMI Cable

You may need a Micro HDMI Cable if you are trying to connect a tablet, smartphone or IP TV device to your HD monitor or TV. What is a Micro HDMI Cable? A Micro HDMI Connection also known as an HDMI type D and it is nothing but a miniaturized version of the standard or full-size HDMI connector ( High Definition Multimedia Interface) specification. Just like with the full-size HDMI connector a type D (Micro HDMI) connector was designed to combine audio and video into a single digital connecting cable small enough to connect to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

What to look for on a Micro HDMI Cable

A micro HDMI cable is also known as a 'Type D' HDMI cable and has the same pin configuration as its larger cousin, the regular HDMI cable (aka Type A). The difference between the two cables is of course their size for one thing, but more importantly, the size of their connecting ports. The port for a micro cable will only connect to smartphones and other portable devices, and its size will not permit connections with those objects connected by a full-size HDMI cable or a mini. A good micro HDMI cable is one which can support video resolution at least up to 1080p, and in some cases even higher at 1440p. It can support both video and audio signals, comfortably handling high definition video as well as eight-channel digital audio.

A really good micro HDMI cable will probably also have a transfer rate over 10 Gb per second, making for very fast data transfer. Some typical uses of micro HDMI cables are with smartphones, for example connecting a smartphone to an HDTV, or with pocket cameras, again for transferring sound or video files to HDTV and other destinations. It is also a connector needed in some cases for online gaming, online meetings, and social media connections.