Flat HDMI Cable

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What are the advantages of flat HDMI cables?

Buying a simple HDMI Cable is confusing enough, and now you are faced with the option of flat or round. If you have been out shopping for HDMI Cables,  you may have noticed two very distinctive design flat and round. Flat HDMI Cables started making their way into the consumer market about five years ago. Although the design may look awkward, there are several advantages to buying a Flat HDMI Cable vs. a Round HDMI Cable. Some home theater buffs may not agree, but the primary advantage of flat HDMI cables is their ability to blend around tight corners and hide behind moldings, baseboards or carpet. We have never been able to see a difference in performance, especially video quality when compared to comparable round cable.

That said, we would like to acknowledge that several manufacturers of esoteric high-end audio and video cables have brought forward lab test and studies showing that Flat HDMI Cables have a scientific advantage over round cables. The theory revolves around a well know phenomenon called "Crosstalk."

Crosstalk is a well-documented phenomenon that happens when a powerful signal travels down cables that are twisted around each other. Modulation from one cable can contaminate the signal of the pairing cable. It is for this reason that each strand in a high-end RCA and Mic cable is individually wrapped in foil. That said, there seems to be some disagreement as to the effect of crosstalk modulation has in the digital arena, and since the signal traveling down, an HDMI cable is digital data the jury still out on this subject.

The advance that Flat HDMI Cables are supposed to have over standard round HDMI cables is that each of the strands is individually wrapped in foil like in many ultra, high-end, analog cables. If you know about high-end HDMI cable manufacturing your may also know that many round high-end HDMI Cable manufacturers also employ this technique. However, this is usually only found on cables costing north of $100