Aurum HDMI Cables

Aurum is the manufacturer of high-quality HDMI Cables, DVI Cables, Display Port Cables and other high-performance types of Ethernet and audio cables. The Aurum team is directed in an enthusiastic and pioneering mission to deliver a high-quality, high-value product.

Buy Aurum Cables, Buy Quality

Aurum Cables is one of those under the radar type of company manufacturing real good state-of-the-art cable without the expense of marketing, and the media fan fair. Aurum Cables was funded in 2002 with the purpose to fulfill the market demand for high-end cables of superior quality at competitive pricing.

Everyone at Aurum Cables has a great passion for the manufacturing process and deliver a wide variety high-quality cables like; HDMI, Audio, Network, Speaker, and Instrument Cables to a wide range of audience. Aurum Cables Specialists research & study how they can deliver the best cables performance while maintaining the company's core value.

To accomplish this, they have assembled a team consists of highly energetic and extremely productive engineers, managers, marketers and factory workers. Aurum Cables has been able to attract superb talent to an energetic and intense environment, where hard work results in the best quality cables available today. Aurum Cables' combination of workmanship and passion are evident not only on its products but its factories and warehouses as well.

Aurum Cables are manufactured in Beijing, China but unlike many other who import this type of product from China, Aurum Cables manufacturing process is 100% overseen by an American team who manages every step fo the manufacturing process. It is for this reason that although made in China, Aurum Cables are seen as being above the rest. For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website -