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Welcome to HDMI-Cable.Co,

As our name says, we specialize in HDMI Cables. It is hard to connect to any HD display device nowadays without a good quality HDMI cable. Everything from Smartphones and tablets, to game consoles such as the Sony Play Station (PSP) and the Microsoft xBox, DVD, and Blu-Ray player, they all rely on HDMI cable to connect to a display device. Regardless of the resolution of your device, from 720p to Ultra HD 4K we have an HDMI cable for you!

The sheer number of options when it comes to HDMI Cables has led many to make bad decisions and purchase products that either did not fit or did not perform as expected. Although HDMI Cables come in many brands, shapes, colors and body type, the fundamentals are pretty simple. Choose the type of HDMI ends you need, select the length, bandwidth requirement and last but not least, check out the reviews. Forget about what the manufacturers claim, take a look at what everyday folks like you and me are saying about the particular products and their level of satisfaction.

Buying HDMI Cables, Adapters and Switchers.

The problem with buying HDMI cables is knowing what to buy! Simple choices like buying a Flat HDMI Cable over a High-Speed HDMI Cables can be daunting for someone not familiar with the technology. At HDMI-Cable.Co we have done the work for you and offer a full HDMI Cable buying guide via our blog and other informational pages. The truth is that there are a lot of option when it comes to buying HDMI Cables. It is, for this reason, we have partnered up with Amazon to bring you the best HDMI Cables, not rated by us, but rather by the consumer who have already purchased it, installed it and used it. In our opinion, this is the best way for you to buy an HDMI cable with confidence!

By offering Amazon reviews on all of our products, you know that somebody out there has purchased the HDMI Cable you are looking at and is satisfied with their purchase. One thing to point out about reviews, especially the negative ones! Make sure the application matches yours, a great number of people out there not satisfied with the fit or performance of their HDMI cable is because of the fit (they did not order the right cable) and or the performance (one again, the did not order the right cable!). For example, most high-end HDMI Cables had a tendency to be stiff, so if you are restricted with space make sure to order a Flat HDMI Cable or a 90 Degree adapter.  

Mith: All HDMI Cables are created equal!

No, not all HDMI Cables are created equal. As a matter of fact, nothing can be further from the truth! In recent times, we have heard of a group of bubble heads claiming the 4K HDMI Cables are a rip-off and that all HDMI Cables are the same regardless of the price! We have no idea what to say about this with the exception that either these folks have no idea what they are talking about or they still watching movies on a Sony VCR on their Toshiba rear projection TV. The quality of every product we buy matters and to some degree, everyone expects to pay a premium for a product that is either better made or made from better materials. HDMI Cables, Adapters, and Switchers are no different. While HDMI is a standard, connection "type" the amount of data pushed through an HDMI Cable varies with content. A 720p signal consists of substantial less data than one at 4K resolution. It is, for this reason, a better cable,  capable of more bandwidth is required. Unlike an analog signal, that relies on modulation, the signal traveling through an HDMi cable is digital, and it consist of packets of digital data. If anyone of this packets gets lost on the way to the display device; it may result in jitter, and in some severe cases a complete loss of the signal resulting on a blue screen.

How to chose a long HDMI Cable

In other cases, you may face an issue when dealing with HDMI Cables longer than 15 ft.! All cables are made out of copper and even the few ultra-high-end pieces made out of silver have some amount of copper alloy in them. Copper, and even oxygen free copper, while a very good conductor has resistance and, therefore, any signal will be degraded over a given distance. HDMI devices are very sensitive to not only data packet degradation but also to signal level. This has been a fact note since its introduction of HDMI 1.0 into the consumer electronics market back on April 16, 2002.  

Many revisions later, many are still having to deal with the reality that "HDMI is not very stable over long distances". However, today there are solutions that permit HDMI signal transmission up to a couple of hundred feet, but we think this go beyond the scope of our clientele and the purpose of this website. That said, we do offer several HDMI Cables in the 20, 30 and 50-foot range but be aware that high refresh rate Ultra HD capabilities may be limited without the use of a signal amplifier. As in every case, we suggest you take a look at the reviews and see what real world people are saying about this product before you buy it!